Lufkin® 1/4″ x 6′ Executive® Diameter Pocket Tape (Diameter to 1/100″)

Imprinted Price (R)*
50 100 250 500 1000+
$26.40 $25.45 $24.75 $24.20 $23.45
Decal, 1-1/4″ Round (1″ diameter imprint)

* Sell price includes a 4-color process decal and application.

* Sell price includes a box with each tape measure except L925, which comes attached to a retail card.

  • Consecutive inches to 1/16ths, first 12″ to 1/32nds on one side; diameter inches to 1/100ths other side.
  • Zero falls in the same place on each side of the blade.
  • Conversion from diameter to circumference, simply turn the blade.
  • Shows diameter inches to 100ths.
  • Spring action returns blade to case.
  • Designed for measuring any circular objects.
  • Polished chrome case.
  • Boxed in white box.